Fashion Design

Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories.

Hussein Chalayan / ICONIC LADY GAGA

THE FASHION DESIGNER AND ARTIST WHO CREATE LADY GAGA GARMENTS: Whose name is Hussein Chalayan is the creator of what is called animatronics clothes. The animatronics is a technique which allows by the use of different robotics or electronics mechanisms simulated the look and the behaviors using this technology for create clothes which can retreat, stretching …

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Fashion Designing Anita Dongre’s Empowering Style

The birth of fashion designing world took place centuries ago in which Anita Dongre, the Indian fashion designer has shown remarkable fossils. Born on 3 October 1963, Anita Dongre has established herself as one of the most successful  powerful and prominent Indian fashion designer.She received her fashion education from a fashion designing institute in Mumbai. Her …

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green jungle of concrete

How to Choose a Color for Theme Collections? – Green

BRAINSTORMING: The brainstorming, or creating ideas, is a useful tool to explore in the early stages of research and serves to generate many ideas that deepen art. Brainstorming only required listing all the words that come to mind related to the project brief. BRIEF: Constitutes the beginning of any creative project. The project is a constant work …

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sexy lingerie drawing

How to Draw Female Figure?

It is understood by canon provided the human figure an orientation code, using mathematical formulas, provides the ideal proportions of the human body, dividing it into sectors that are called modules that facilitate the distribution of membership and calculating the proportions of female body in this case. The classical canon: the figure we call “academic” …

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