The fashion considers it as a social phenomenon in the case  of fashion of urban tribes. Every young manifests have certain aesthetic, musical tastes and builds his own public image.


            A study by the students of undergraduate in communication in the city of Guayaquil follows that there are more numerous Tribes: Emos, rockers, rappers, Skeaters. As a conclusions, subcultures formed in distant cultures to ours not actually become assimilated by different societies. They are not the same young people in social situations that led to its development.

Research cover Topics:

         This research covers topics relates fashion to urban and vice versa tribes. This seeks to establish a solid relationship between the two, arguing why you need one other. Fashion to generate new trends and urban tribes for identification or expression.

          The hypothesis validates the conclusion reached by the studies and allows us see that the urban tribes and fashion. They needs both for subsistence although the tribes need more the fashion than the fashion need the tribes.


Fundamentally, the theoretical basis of research focuses on a brief tour of the history of fashion. It gives an examples of iconic figures and elements that made fashion in the last thirty years. On the other hand,it describes and specifies the main urban tribes. It also includes some of its branches, citing key references, brands, styles music and ideologies if any. 


Urban tribe is a group of people who share an ideology. A set of habits determines and identifies their personality to the society. In which they develop but in some cases, they feels dissatisfied.

Members of a subculture comes to respect the original ideology or just acquires it as a fashion style of life.

The urban tribes are such as Pokemon, punks, rock, flogger skinhead, gothic, rap, hip hoppers skaters, Rastafarians, etc.

The attraction of a urban tribe:

This attraction reflects on the MUSIC, FASHION, LOOK, CUSTOMS. Then you have a minority that need acceptation, identity, love from his contemporaries who are in similar circumstances. URBAN TRIBES - POP COREANO

An urban tribe is not only fashion but it also shares revolutionary thoughts that helps change the world and improve it.

Proliferation of Urban Tribes:

However, the emergence and proliferation of Urban Tribes allows understand much more effectively. This happens when we consider it as the most profound expression of social and cultural practices. Probably this in one way or another  realizes a dizzying era,constant process of mutation cultural and imaginary parts of its symbols.

Designers Analyse:

Considering field research conducted, they treat the phenomenon of urban tribes as an aesthetic or ideological fact. It is also a possible reciprocal influences between tribes and designers analyzed.

URBAN TRIBES - PUNKS                Today the world is in a state of change and transformation of cultural and sociological nature. Especially young people are facing most emphatically to these changes. They face it especially when meeting the decision to be part of a responsible adult mostly socially recognized as legitimate.

But times have changed; the ability to decide who you want to be and how to be has opened a window of opportunity. Many young people today are part of a minority current alternative in the form of tribe.

Situations studied let know that at the average of 14 to 19 years are members of urban tribe.

The tribes appeared in the modern world as a phenomenon emerged before a disagreement with a highly individualized world. According to an article published by the Editorial Group Magisterium

“subcultures do not appear transient; somehow they were children of the profound historical transformations in Western societies during the twentieth century “(2006: 17).

Then we can say ,youth cultures refer to the way their social experiences are expressed collectively through the development and implementation of different lifestyles.URBAN TRIBES - SKATERS

For Carles Feixa “youth tend to not always be identified with the same style, but are influenced by various, and often build their own style. It all depends on the aesthetic and musical tastes, but also of primary groups with which relates the young”.

It is said that “If you want to find a creative principle in matters of fashion, there will be no recourse but to an economic reason why primitive motif”.URBAN TRIBES - TRIBU URBANA

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