How to Choose a Color for Theme Collections? – Green


The brainstorming or creating ideas, is a useful tool to explore in the early stages of research. Similarly it serves to generate many ideas that deepens art. Brainstorming only requires listing all the words that come to mind related to the project brief.


Constitutes the beginning of any creative project. The project is a constant work to do in a given time. The purpose of the brief is essential. Because it offers inspiration and highlight the objectives to be achieved. It also identifies all limitations, conditions or problems  needs to be solved. It indicates the dates of delivery of results and completion of tasks also. The brief helps and above all, it gives guidance during the research process of design.

COLOR CHOSEN (random choice) :

The color is the first influence or impact you see in a collection. It is the first impression where color is a key to the development of the collection. Thus, once chosen a color,it performs an exercise ideas comes to mind around:ECHO FASHIOON


All above this, we must develop color and put it in a piece of paper. The idea recollects most of the sensations about the color (in this case the color selected is GREEN only by an example to explore).

Going to the nature: Here you have ideas of an item related. For example:

ORGANICFruit – green apple – mint – also represent something fresh – green leaves, unripe fruit, growing, growth stage and hopeful.

MINT- Represents the idea of something fresh as a mint – the idea talks about a young spirit.  Also the idea of something relates to a young people growing, fresh, in a hopeful moment of their lives.

NATURE- Jungle – leafy abundance of living things, life, sign of life, health, signal tapes wealth in the jungle – Jamaica, the sap of trees – camouflaged snakes – Gators – camouflage – parrots – all kind of plants – trees – mountains – Wild.nature based designer color

Those ideas, talks about people Who Have the brave, the courage and boldness to act as the own nature green surrounding it and drives it.

This relates to something in the process of growth, such as an adolescence and youth. Everything is unproven. In abundance to try and grow in the lush jungle and mountain life is like in such a place. There are also certain ignorance and need to explore to blend in and go unnoticed to break into the lush jungle.

NATURE STONES Emerald, jade.military designer


The leaves in different tones to be camouflaged – refers to young people that want the Wildlife, Military uniforms – idea of ​​community service – idea of ​​armed person to face and ensure society. It is a brave and delivery to citizens’ attitude.

The camouflaged allows to break into the jungle and adapts. The capacity of been adapted in the city of New York as is selected in this example, because is a referent of a “green jungle of concrete”CAMOUFLAGE designer


Hopeful emotions – free to act, is a permitted action almost masculine ability of a courageous attitude, ranges from front to make their way in life that could be named “concrete jungle” in New York City.

Male characteristics in situations with the example of cut branches from the trees and the courageous attitude of the citizens of a cosmopolitan city. The Big Apple in New York (green of course)- shows the ability of people to live in a healthy way for a moment, then must return to the concrete jungle of the great cosmopolitan city where individual personalities can dress in emerald green exotic form in a totally free way.

NEW YORK could be the city selected for the construction of a collection with all the ideas that came from the research of this kind of giving suggestions to interpreted a new style that will be conform a full collection.

Be brave and explore “the jungle concrete”green jungle of concrete

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