Technical Neck – Collars

Technical Neck – Collars: Some modern types of collars in clothing manufacturing techniques are listed below,

Technical Collars

HRH collar: HRH collar is also called as Stand-up turned-down collar. A shirt collar produced by Charvet for Edward VII became very admirable at the end of the 19th century.

Imperial / Poke collar: It is a type of stiff standing collar for men’s formal wear. It was separated from other tall style collars by the lack of tabs at the front.

Jabot collar: Jabot collar is a good ranking collar with pleats, ruffles and lace-trimmed frills behind the front.

Johnny collar: Johnny collars are typically women’s fashion style with an open short V-neck and mostly a flat knit collar.

Lacoste collar:  Lacoste collars are the un-starched, flat, protruding collar of a tennis shirt. It was invented by Rene Lacoste.

Mandarin Cadet Collar or Chinese Collar: Mandarin collar is a small standing collar which has an open at the front and based on conventional Manchu or Mongol subjective Asian garments.

Man-tailored collar: Man-tailored collars are named for woman’s shirt collar that was made like a man’s shirt collar with a stand and stiffened or buttoned / fastened down points.

Mao collar: Mao Collars are a short more or less straight standing collar folded over with the points lengthening only to the base of the band, quality of the Mao suit.

Medici collar: A flared, fan-shaped collar with a V-opening at the front popular in the period of 1540s and 1550s after comparable styles seen in portraits of Catherine de Medici.

Middy collar: Middy Collars are a sailor collar (from midshipman) which were famous for women’s and children’s clothing in the early 20th century.

Mock or mock-neck Collar: Mock collars are a knitted collar related to a turtleneck but exclusive of a turnover proceeds.

Nehru collar: A small reputation collar which ends has a meeting at the front and based on traditional Indian garments. These were well-liked in the period of 1960s with the Nehru jacket.

Notched collar: Notched collars are a wing-shaped collar which also has a triangular notch within it. These were often observed in blazers and blouses with business suits. Also, rounded notched collars come out in many forms of pajamas.


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