What is Technical collars? and its types

  Technical collars is the part of a shirt, dress, coat or blouse in clothing that closes / fastens around the neck portion.

Types of Collar

Among garment manufacturing specializes, collar is distinguished from extra necklines such as revers and lapels [it is a part of a garment, turned back to show the reverse side], by being made from a separate piece of fabric rather than a folded or cut part of the same part of fabric used for the original main body of the garment.

A collar may also be a separate or detachable accessory worn around the neck portion.

Types of Technical Collars:

Ascot collar or stock collar: An elevated [wide neck band] standing collar with the ends turned up above the chin and it would be worn with an Ascot tie [Formal tie – it is made up of pale grey patterned silk].

Albany Technical collars: A typical turndown cutaway collar which would be worn mainly in the period of 20th centuries.

Band or Grandad Technical collar: This type of collar with a small stated band which is usually fastened in the style worn with detachable collars.

Barrymore Technical  collar: A turnover shirt collar with elongated points which was worn by the famous actor John Barrymore. The same style re-entered in the period of 1970s, especially during that time it was frequently called as “tapered collar” and could go along with stylish fashionable wide ties on clothing shirts.

Bertha Technical collar: An extensive, flat, round collar which is frequently of lace or sheer fabric material; worn with a low neckline in the Victorian era and restarted in the 1940s.

Buster Brown collar: A wide, flat, round collar; occasionally used with ruffles and typically worn with a loose and flexible bow tie; it is a feature of boys’ shirts from c. 1880-1920.

Butterfly Technical collar: Butterfly collar is similar as the wing collar but with rounded tips.

Button-down Technical collar: Button-down collar is a special type of collar with buttonholes on the spots to fasten them to the figure of the shirt.

Camp Technical collar: Camp collar is also called as convertible collar and notched collar. Itis a one-piece collar that lays flat part of the shirt also lays flat to create a notch.

Cape Technical collar: Cape collar is a fashioned collar, looks like a shawl / cape and hanging over the shoulders. It also gives the appearance of neck scarf.

Chelsea Technical collar: Chelsea collar can be identified as a woman’s collar for a deep V-neckline which is with a stand and long points, well-liked in the period of 1960s and also 1970s.

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