Caption Tees fashion- The lover of youth wardrobe

Hot fashion trend this summer is caption tees which have utmost soothe whilst long working hours and boiling hot wind.


These days T-shirts with catchy chest prints and sexy captions are in demand. T-shirts are a comfy summer wear when it comes to stay in a part of city bay lights and still look glamorous, cotton tees are in! If one tries to recall, when they were in their teenage, their wardrobe would overflow with the catchy imprints and t-shirts with some bad ass slogans on them. Well that is what is hot and trending this summer. Now is the time to empty your closet including half sleeve shirts and silly striped t-shirts, as the slogan t-shirts are back in fashion. Girls, can wear a slogan t-shirt  with a pair of slim fit trousers or a pencil skirt, with a clutch. Or one can also go gaga with a slogan –shirt with a pair of ripped jeans and aviator sunglasses and one can get ready to roll in no time.

Certain grooming experts say that the men are least likely when it comes to take risks and experimenting with their looks, as the most men think that safest thing is the best thing. But since the last decade, changes in the men’s fashion world can be seen. For men, t-shirts with a casual pair of denim with a bright pair of loafers can be a go at any point of time in a day. Nowadays, men are being giving opportunities in the fashion world, same as women. According to fashion critics, nothing  is more sexy about men, when they are dressed smartly. T-shirts with cool slogans with flat tailored pants, naturally styled hair, a nice pair of sunglasses and well-groomed facial hair, if any.                                    _8964893

T-shirts never go out of fashion. They always keep coming back with new cuts, designs, cool printed slogans and in various styles. Naughty and sexy quotes on the t-shirts are eye catchy and can describe one’s attitude.  This casual look in the daytime can be appealing and at the same time, a relaxed outfit too. Before deciding and choosing, take a look at what suits your body. If confused, one can take advice from a fashion consultant too. Try to keep it simple, yet classy. While choosing a t-shirt, make sure that the slogan or the chest is not too small or too big, accordingly to your body type. T-shirts are lightweight, helps soaking our body sweat in the scorching heat during day time, easy to tuck in and are breathable too. One should keep his/her accessories simple to maintain a casual look throughout. With t-shirts, men can sport a nice pair of dark jeans and for females, a tailored slim fit skirt can be an anytime yes. Once you get to understand your body type and are updated with the seasonal trends, you are almost ready to roll out of your homes and workplaces, anytime!

So get a complete alteration of your wardrobe without investing into big brands. Simply go online and surf Indian brands which have perfect slogan to match your mind and personality.

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