Maxi Skirt:- Effortlessly Chic and Stylish

Is it just me or is everyone going berserk over the Maxi skirt? This effortless piece of fashion has been trending around for many years now. Known for comfort yet stylish, the maxi skirt has never been given its due importance until recently.

maxi skirt

With fashionistas finally realizing its worth, the trend is ultimately catching on. Even celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor flaunt this new summer trend.Designers are, forever, re-inventing the maxi skirt. From plain or printed patterns to embellished flowy pieces, maxi skirts are proving to be a versatile ensemble for all occasions and seasons.


With the advent of summer, maxi skirts are becoming a fashion rage due to their flowy shape. They are the perfect thing to wear on a warm day when jeans and leggings would be a sweltering option. The perfect way to look glamorous and effortless, the maxi skirt compliments almost every shape and gives length to the body.

A Fail-Proof Way Of Wearing The Maxi Skirt:-

When it comes to wearing the maxi skirt, you make the rules as there are no pre-requisites for styling it.This is the ultimate fool-proof garment for fashion novices.

Here are a few ways in which you can carry off a maxi skirt with elan:-

1.The perfect way to look taller would be to wear the maxi skirt, high at the waist with a tank top tucked in. This will elongate your frame and give the illusion of a taller you.

2. Crop jackets and blazers give a more distinguished and classy look to the whole ‘effortless’ feel of the maxi skirt, balancing it perfectly for an evening out.

3. Accessorize the maxi skirt with a layered necklace or a slingy belt with lots of colorful bangles on one hand. Teemed with strappy flats and braided hair, this look can give you a bohemian appeal effortlessly in minutes

4. Match your favorite maxi skirt in a vibrant color with a lace top and a beige fedora and sunglasses and enjoy a perfect day at the beach in celebrity style.

5. If you are a bit on the heavy side, don’t fret! Maxi skirts worn with loose, short kaftaans can give you a stylish, summery look while hiding your love handles at the same time. Accessorizing it with chunky jewelry or hoop earrings can give you a mystic look.

The perfect way to dress up or dress down, stock up on the maxi skirt to achieve an elegantly feminine look this Summer!

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