Sleeves and Sleeveless T-shirts

Sleeves and Sleeveless T-shirts: Sleeve is a part of a garment which covers the arm portion.

The pattern of the sleeve is one of the individuality of fashion mode in dress which varies according to the culture and country and period. A range of endurance of the premature appearance of sleeve is still found in the different types of some days and of some ceremonial dresses.

Still in the countries china and Japan, the long fitting sleeve has been worn with a pocket shirt…..

Sleeve length varies from scarcely over the shoulder (called as cap sleeve) to floor-length; most fashionable shirt sleeves finish somewhere between the portions of mid-upper arm and the wrist.

sleeveless t-shirts

Sleeveless shirt or singlet or vest is also called as a tank top…..

Wife-beater or guinea tee is a shirt manufactured without sleeves or the sleeves have been cut off. Sleeveless shirts are worn by either depending on the style and gender [female as well as male].

Sleeveless tees or tops were frequently worn by athletes in sports such as track, field and triathlon [Triathlon is a multi-sport event involving the completion of three continuous and sequential survival events].

Sleeveless shirts have been popular for warm-weather casual wear in the United States of America since the year 1970s and are considered as an adequate common casual dress in most warm weather places. Sleeveless tees are commonly favored in hot climates since the arm holes provide airing and the thin fabric provides comfort

A tank top is a sleeveless garment that can be worn accordingly moreover by gender wise. Sleeveless are commonly worn for the underwear shirt, although more brilliant colorful and well-designed tank tops are typically worn as an outer shirt.

In Australian English, the expression singlet is usually used to refer to the sleeveless garments. In British English, the term vest is used, while tank top refers to a sleeveless pullover.

Since 1968, the name tank top was evidence in English which is a derivative from its similarity to a tank suit. Tank suit is a fashion mode of stylish women’s swimsuit with shoulder straps. Tank suit is a word which is derived from the period of 1920s swimming tank which is an old-fashioned phrase for what is now called as a swimming pool.

The Tankini is a large suitcase of the words tank top and bikini which is also a women’s swimming adaptation of the tank top.

Sleeveless T-shirt

A sleeveless T-shirt is also called as a muscle shirt and conventionally called as a shooter shirt by basketball players. Sleeveless Tees are same design as a normal T-shirt but without sleeves. Those were mainly worn by men only…..

They are frequently worn during the athletic actions. They were moderately popular in the time of 1980s and were typically connected with surfers and body-builders (hence it can be said as “muscle” shirt) that often have the logo design of their gyms on these shirts. This is also called as “Tenement T-shirt“.

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