COOL LOOK OF CAP SLEEVE ; A very short sleeve that’s hangs over the edge of the shoulder without extending along the underside of the arm .This sleeve is widely used by all . Those who have toned arms it works great. It is widely found in short sleeves and shirts. It refers to cut or style of the garment the specific. It is one of the types of sleeve.


Shirts and dresses given this name can be casual or formal, but they are always short sleeved. A number of shirt styles for women are described with this term, including T-shirts. Cap sleeve T-shirts are particularly popular among young women and girls, especially when the shirt is cut to fit the waistline as well.  It fits well under blazer or jacket because the sleeve is short and works great.

All type of material from cotton to rayon can be used to stitch cap sleeve.

Women mostly like this type of cloth so it is used in women dresses and tops.

It can be used in all sorts of climate. Cap sleeves work great in summer. Mostly girls prefer this during summer.

It is the traditional attire of those who is studying in schools. In wedding gown and other dresses also cap sleeve is highly preferred. Everyone seems to have favourite style when comes to the sleeve style but short sleeve is versatile one. In lace dresses and knee length dresses it looks good.

The cap sleeve also works great for maxi dresses a style that is distinctive and feminine. Try a close fitting fabric in a jewel tone color like rose, worn with matching heels. An off-the-shoulder design creates a flattering and eye-catching asymmetrical neckline and the single cap sleeve gives it a touch of fitted styling.


This cap sleeve is the great change for the strap dresses. It also work well for those who do not want to bear too much arm.

Try this different look in this season and look great.

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