Street Style literally translates into English: street style. But in the case of the fashion world uses to describe a type of photos and blogs. Street Style are photos taken spontaneously. These styles are anonymous  Fashion experts and girls. It is also well known  for those skill in this type of photo blogs.Style2designer-street style

We are the participants in a globalized era. It has been called era of the image. It is highly stimulate by the information rate at which impels Web 2.0. The phenomenon of street style consolidates and collects increasingly more important.

The boom of street style:

The boom of street style blogs explod a few years ago. Practically when the fashion press seizes the coolhunter term, which if well connectes, do not designate the same. Thus, clothing is just one manifestation or a trend analyst. Coolhunter  interpretes to interfere analysis on any particular issue. The global branding, homogenization of products and the possible loss of identity leads to fever photograph styling to an identity crisis.

French designer, Christian Lacroix and Jean Paul Gaultier are two of those responsible for the emergence of this phenomenon. Both works from very different contexts. They have continually urged for the system to be inspired fashion street. This supports the idea that the people themselves is what makes fashion and not the industry.  This ables to channel this need and tendency.Green theme street style

Importance of analysis of street style:

Now, if you accept the importance of analysis of street style for implementing various strategies of the business world, we must also accept that. Mostly, people being studied,  spontaneously generates from your personal style. A fashion for many, is a small percentage of society. And it generally coincides with the group of trendsetters or generated trend called.


Each sector has its own trendsetters. They have the ability to turn an individual habit into the majority. But as an individual is considered trendsetter for the fashion world does not mean that. For example, to the nightlife though, a priori, there are many possibilities to make it so.

Thus, despite the global branding, homogenization of products and the possible loss of identity that entails. Mostly trendsetter individuals have highly creative spirit, and generators of their own fashions (a vestimentary level not only). Those who involves for their open and singular personality, the process performs brands and businesses to analyze and try to anticipate.

This understands that humans act naturally through imitation and identification. Hence, it is important to detect these trendsetters under an honest and spontaneous dynamic. Because they generates their own fashion. Beyond fashion it also to lead the way. Sometimes allows us to properly understand other groups or cultures, if we interpret its manifestations without altering its own criteria.   LATEST DESIGNER STREET STYLES

The Streetstyle Photography:

The Streetstyle Photography is a phenomenon that takes many years in American daily newspaper. In New York the main representative is Bill Cunningham, whose sections On the Street. In The New York Times,it is a benchmark for this type of photography. With the emergence of Web 2.0 the Street Style takes on new meaning and acquires unprecedented importance. Scott Schumann, is the photographer and editor of the blog. The Sartorialist, is one of the 10 most important in the fashion world by Time magazine.  Precisely because of its success in photography Streetstyle people. Schumann is a professional photographer and his power is precisely the influence with his street photos. JAPAN STREET STYLE

In addition, there have been various sites where anonymous leaves their photos Street Style and among the best looks vote. Zara conducts one of the last large shares of Street Style. Anonymous can leave on the official website of the firm made its looks Street Style with Zara garments.

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