Don The Versatile Light-Weight Jackets This Summer!!

Summer jackets trending this season have flooded the wardrobe of the Fashionistas. Light in weight, it keeps you cool in the humid weather and protects your skin from the sweltering sun. 

Versatile Summer Jackets

With the rising heat and the scorching temperature, things you can finally banish from your wardrobe are the duffels and the parkas. Welcome the season with the classic and trendy light weight summer jackets. It is the perfect way to pair it with a summer dress and a great alternative to cardigans and scarf. The versatile and easy to style summer jackets go with everything and can be dressed up or dressed down. With so many colors and silhouettes available, you can trust these jackets for all occasions. Though a winter fashion outfit, this summer the Fashionistas are found exhibiting it coolly and casually on the streets as well as on the runway. With the flea markets popularizing the trend of light weight jackets this summer, we can also find brands like Vero Moda, Promod, Zara, Koovs engaging themselves in parading off the classy and sophisticated collection of summer jackets.

celebrities flaunting jackets in different styles

The versatility of these fashion pieces has made it very popular among the trend setters. We can a lot of celebrities like Blake Lively, Sonam Kapoor, and Jessica Alba flaunting their silhouettes in some of the best outfits complimented by a summer jacket. Jackets this season are a blessing in disguise for those who have curves and want to hide their voluptuous figure. Giving you a slimmer look, they add a hint of glamour to your outfit and can also jazz up any look you want to carry.  Transforming you from a girl-next-door to a dazzling Diva, the stylish summer jackets can be worn with anything – be it cigarette pants, jeggings, skater skirts, maxi skirts, shorts or jeans. This summer revamp your wardrobe with a white linen jacket to beat the heat or a bolero matched with an anarkali, use a brocade shrug as an unusual blouse for saree or wear a waist coat with a plain shirt.

Here are a lot of trendy styles for you to incorporate this season with jackets that accentuates your silhouette.

Demin is back!!

# Outfit No. 1: Denim Jackets

 Denim is back and back with a bang! Every fashion fanatic will have an old denim jacket in her closet. This timeless fashion piece perfectly fits any outfit you wear, be it a dress or jeans. It goes well with bright colored printed tanks paired with shorts or skirts or dress up in a crisp tee and jeans with a light weight denim jacket. Wearing it with a maxi skirt or flaunting it off on an old dress, denim jacket is a perfect way to add a little zing and comfort to your outfit. You can also add a denim waist coat to your wardrobe and wear it if you are anxious about what to style your outfit with.

Leather Jackets for all seasons!

#Outfit No.2: Leather Jackets:

A staple piece on every Fashionistas’ list, the leather jackets fits all climates and occasions. Every girl has adorned the biker chic look with a black leather jacket zipped up and paired with a skinny jeans and lots of chunky bracelets and neck-pieces. Though black or brown has always been a standard color for leather jackets, this summer you can try the subtle white. Styling it may seem easy but wearing a jacket the right way is an art. You can wear the peaceful white monotone jacket with a rebellious look or contrast it with a feminine outfit with an edgy top.

Cropped Jackets

# Outfit No 3: Cropped Jackets:

This spring the trend setters have loaded their closet with different crop tops. With that, they have also added the cropped jackets as a must-have. Available in so many colors and silhouettes, cropped jackets can be worn with an elegant floral summer dress to give you a girl next door look. Pair it with bright colored pants or with shorts, cropped jackets that cinches to your waist defines your fine silhouette and makes you look stylish. Even the sheer shrugs are flooding the fashion market because of their absolute casual and classic look.

Long Blazers - A Must-have

#Outfit No.4: Long Blazers:

Add the longer and lighter blazers to your summer ensemble and set out with a stylish and classy look. Pep up your chic look with a tea-length dress wrapped in a long blazer or with a mini skirt and tee.

sporty sports jacket

#Outfit No.5: Sport Jackets:

Incorporate the sporty jackets into your wardrobe and flaunt your style like the international celebrities Rita Ora and Rihanna. Wear a printed jacket with a zipper running from neck to waist and pair it with shorts or a pair of jeans. You can also try the luxe wear paired with black skinny jeans and pointed pumps along with retro sunglasses and silver jewellery. Fashionistas are also seen exhibiting the floral dresses or rompers along with the over-sized army jackets.


So this summer season, wrap up against the light weight jackets – be it light pastel shades, lace detailing, stripes or denim. Update your closet with a classic blazer of a nude or pale blue color invest in floral print jackets. The perfect way to shield yourself from the summer heat or chilly nights is to adorn your silhouette with the trendy and versatile jackets.

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