Fashion Designing Stages, Rough Flat Sketch, Portfolio

Fashion Designing Stages:

Phases of Fashion Designing

The procedure of Fashion Designing Stages engages the following steps:

Design Development:

Design development concept is the first step in creating designs. Design concept involves in working on a particular concept and creating designs according to that in the form of rough sketches based on the theme for reference purpose.The main concept of fashion designing stages includes…….

Representing surface feels which means texture to the fashion just in sketches, associate them with fabric swatches chosen for that specific design.

Later then the designs were approved, designer will creates ‘blue prints’ of realistic illustration called as ‘Flat Sketch’ for garment developers in factory. Those sketches which have pattern details by means of stitching process, type of stitch to be applied, yokes, pockets, plackets, darts, hem lines, panels, collars, etc.,

The very next step is preparing PORTFOLIO. Portfolio’s can be created for the visual display of the style collections for clients.

Designers have to make portfolio of sketches which also contains presentation paintings / drawings. Presentation drawings are nothing but Illustrations in different pose and also in stylized way which should be in the form attracting the client ease. Complete the illustration drawing work with background texture effects.

Types of drawings:

When considering the procedure of designing, there are three types of drawings, they are as follows:

Design Development – Rough Sketches

Flat Sketch or Realistic drawing

Presentation drawings – Portfolio making

Rough sketches:

During the earlier stage of designing, rough sketches can be drawn for reference purpose. Also mainly to explore the idea or theme of portfolio based on…. It contains both the front and back view of the style with suggested fabric swatches.

A Short note on details about style patterns, fabrics, color options and print or embroidery like embellishments. These works were done orderly, known as design development boards.

Flat Sketch or Realistic drawing:

Flat sketches are mainly drawn for manufacturers for showing the patterns clearly with details on cuts, panels, sewn type, stitches, pockets and darts., Flat sketches are prepared at the production stage where the garment samples need to be made for the manufacturer before going for the final production of the garment.

Portfolio making:

Portfolio contains the stylized illustrations which are having the complete look of an outfit with embellishment details, accessories, hair styles together with background textures….. Designers use various methods and techniques to make the folder with special attractive effects..

This will represent an exact image of outfits with color blends, surface effects and print designs. Different procedures might be used for arrangement and appearance property. Mix and matching with layout, and escalating techniques are used for viewing three dimensional effects. Abstract illustrations are also used for valuable projects.

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