How Mood Boards are Created?

In this article let us know about what is Mood board? Uses of mood board and so on. I am sure that this article gives a clear idea of it. Mood – What comes to our mind when we hear this word? Yes, absolutely. It exposes the frame of mind. Likewise Mood board helps a designer to expose their concept and ideas of design development and to converse it. Mood board is created based on a particular theme.

 A mood Board may be said to be a collection of patchworks of images, textures, text, any stuffs, and colors based on the theme decided by the mood board creator. Mood board also serves as a visual tool to enlighten the overall feel. It also explains about some style of writing or a setting for story line.

How Mood Boards are Created?

Mood Boards can be created in any way according to the economy and objective of the creator, so as they convey their concept clearly to the readers. This is what designer wants to achieve. Moods boards are created digitally.  It is a very easier and quicker method. But creating mood boards with physical objects has a great impact among people, because Physical objects provide us the complete palette of sensational mood boards.

Mood boards facilitate us to ‘get inside our heads’ so as to express a thematic setting for a design or to give more details and function in piece of work. If we think of an inspiration, there are plenty of inspirations all around us. So take a camera wherever you go out and take a snap of everything that inspires you. The inspiring things may be of anything. For an instance, it may be a sea waves, a worm in a leaf etc. The photos are no need to be a professional one; it’s all about just to capture opinion, impression, themes and feelings.

When you create a mood board, make yourself as a guardian relatively than a collector, and seek to have a meaning and threads from one image to the other. It formulate for easier interaction.

The mood boards may be presented either in two ways. It may be presented in personal or mailed to the client. An offline mood board will created looser in style and involve the extra jerk and controversial flash that comes from it being presented to a client. An online mood board should be tighter and will generally need to work harder to convey a theme or style. Fashion design-Mood Board

The one main and important thing to be considered is that it should be a one page document. Try to find the best images, textures and layout to signify your style and fuse with them. Mood board is not just what is just on the board; it is to be noted how images are displayed and placed.

If you want to leave a space between the images, keep it in mind that it has equidistance. If you decide to border your images, let it be same sized borders. Create mood board by lining up the images and so that they look aligned. Keep trying with a different geometric shapes and it creates lots of interest.  There is another way of creating it i.e.  Collage work. It may have its free form. The images may be placed overlapped, have different borders, digitally worked, incoherent borders etc. Mostly mood boards created by collage work give off some handmade or messy feel.

Most of the fashion designers use collage work to create a mood board. It is used when implementing a trend and creating a new line. More digitally worked mood boards are very easy to share in online. There is a saying that “Physical mood boards give you an extra tactile element and work best with industries that produce actual objects like fashion and interior design”.

Color plays a vital role in creating a mood board, because color can create a different mood and feel. The color palette should to be assumed by the images displayed in the board. Not only the images you can also use fabric swatches, color cards or physical stuff that symbolize colors.

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