How to Stitch a sweetheart neckline dress?

Everyone loves the sweetheart neckline on a top or dress. It’s so simple, adds style, grace and is perfect to shape your neck with a little drop necklace. The shape of the sweetheart neckline ends in a point and has a curve above the gentle bust which is really pretty. This shape is considered to be more feminine than just a plain V-neck. It never gives a fussy look in any way. Sweetheart shaped dress can be dressy or even just dressed up over a simple pull over top. You can wear it in any way you want. you can learn how to stitch a sweetheart neckline by reading the following points and referring images below.

sweetheart neck dress
sweetheart neck dress

Instructions on how to stitch a sweetheart neckline: –

  • step 1
    step 1

    With your fabric chalk, drag a shape of two semicircles or small letter “m” on the front of your fabric in order to create sweetheart neckline shape. Start a quarter of the route down the bustier on the left side crease and drag one bend that tops a quarter of the path over the centre of the dress and finishes in the middle of the dress one- quarter of the path down the bustier. Drag from the focal point of the dress, where your last bend finished, just upward, to craft a second bend that tops seventy five percent of the way over the dress and closures one-quarter of the path just a way down of bustier on the right hand crease. Make sure, your two bends are expansive enough to encase your bust and afterward give the half inch edge to consider a stitch.

  • step 2
    step 2

    Trim painstakingly and correctly around your chalk layout to remove the overabundance fabric from the front of the dress and then turn the dress back to front.

  • Fold half inch of the dress down from the highest point of the left bust area of the fabric, just to make a smooth bend and pin into a spot with sewing pins.

    step 3
    step 3
  • Again, fold a half inch of the dress down from the highest point of the right bust area of the fabric, just to make a smooth bend and pin into a spot with sewing pins.
  • Now sew around the semi-loops, each one in turn wise with your sewing machine.

    step 4
    step 4
  • Start at the outside of each one segment and sew internal around the centre of the fabric.
  • Now just sew gradually and uproot the sewing sticks as you go.

    step 5
    step 5

The sweetheart shaped dress and style gets its name from the tapered neck periphery line which creates the entity of heart with a fine fabric around the bust. It is a strapless style which gives a flattering form to the bust. It also helps to give you a shape of a curvy and feminine silhouette. This style is particularly famous with semi-formal and formal dresses such as prom dresses, party wear and wedding dresses. They lend themselves well to satin with silk fabrics and long dresses. At a first glance the sweetheart neckline may appear difficult to sew, but it can be easily hemmed and stitch with a machine with a very similar fashion as any other dress neckline is crafted.  So these are step by step instructions for how to stitch  a sweetheart neckline dress.


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