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The manufacture of the fashion industry remains reluctant to be seduced by technology. However, the threads in this sector are now facing a process of modernization. It promises creations in less time and lower costs using three-dimensional software.STYLE2DESIGNER 3D

The idea of digitizing the production of fashion mannequins leaves pins and charcoal sketches only as a romantic design legacy. As a result it leads to 3D sketches. Similarly different teams can collaborate worldwide. Ship information’s through a single platform.

The Use of Software:

The use of ‘software’ to digitize the production chain reduces costs by up to 30 %. The consumer uses this technology as an assistant for purchasing digital shelves.3D LATEST

GUESS and global brands such as GAP have a production software system. As a result, it makes the life of a design since it is created until you get to a store.Mostly it is 28 days. The process that used, takes 68 days.FASHION 3D VOGUE

“With a software that allows you to recreate the collections in the cloud and collaboration between all parts of the production time can be reduced up to 50 % between the concept and start- shelf,” said the CEO of IQ Innovation. Likewise he is also a business partner of Dassault Systèmes, Enrique Marin, in interviews with CNNExpansión.

Marin says that there are solutions for the consumers. Hence they use software.  It recreates the establishment in third dimension, configure and order merchandise. Similarly it designs a shopping experience for the end user in a digital shelf.

 “We can create as real vicinity as a visual quality that allows you to see even the texture of the fabric or an interactive virtual mirror that gives the customer more,” he said.

Angel Wings:

This shortens the distance between technology and fashion. This year, as part of the annual fashion show Victoria’s Secret, one of the most elaborate costumes were a couple of “angel wings”. It is created with a 3D printer. The model Lindsay Ellingson wore the costume in the show.SCANNED DRESS

Secrete of creating wings :

Victoria’s Secret, a division of Limited Brands (LB) associates with the service Shapeways 3D printing to create the wings. Bradley Rothenberg was the architect who did the design. Shapeways body Ellingson scans with a scanner in three dimensions wings and prints layer by layer with nylon plastic. After that they coats it with a millions of Swarovski crystals.

The runway model Barcara Fialho, whose actions match those of Ellingson helped the design team to perfect the costume. This replaces during testing. Fialho, who also walked the catwalk during the show, says he hopes the technology will play a greater role in high fashion.

 “It’s great to see all these barriers begin to break, how there are new ideas, new ways of designing. It’s amazing”, he said.


One of the evangelists’ designers Shapeways, Duann Scott, said the fashion designers and jewelers are increasingly adopting 3D printing.

“It’s perfect because in fashion and jewelry there are seasons -in each again- something, and three-dimensional printing can do something really new in a short period of time,” said Scott.

“Everyone is in demand … with 3D printing supply meets demand exactly.”

Manufacturers have used this type of print for decades. However, it has been in recent years that a number of companies have made accessible to the public printers. Reduced prices and made them affordable for consumers. As a result, they start to use technology in many parts. They use it in hospitals, schools and even in the kitchen.

This is not the first time they use the technology of 3D printing in this way on the runways. In 2012, fashion designer Asher Levine use printers Makerbot third dimension to print colored glasses for their models.victorias-secret-traje-3d

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