Unique characteristic of natural wool fiber

Unique characteristic of natural wool fiber : Wool is the natural hair on sheep and is composed of natural protein called keratin. It contains carbon, nitrogen and is the only animal fiber contains sulphur.

Wool fiber contains crimps and curls which give the spongy feel and also create the insulation of wearer.

Properties of wool fiber- physical and chemical

It is the protein fiber

Sheep wool has the capability to keep the body at even temperature because it does not trap heat, it insulates instead. This means that in hot weather it keeps us cool and in cold weather it keeps us warm.

It is naturally fire resistant

Sheep wool is more strong and durable

Ability to felt

It regains moisture 25%

It elongates 25-40%

It is easily affected by micro organism and insects

Luster of course fiber is higher than fine fiber

Characteristic of wool

Tendency to deformation

wool fiber

Tendency to shrink

Flexible fiber

Good moisture absorbency

Good dyeing fastness

Wrinkle resistant

Soft hand

Sensitive to the sun

End use of wool

Technical textile: felting

Home furnishing : carpets , blankets , upholstery and draperies.

Absorbency creates comfort

When wool absorbs water or moisture from air it produce heat. if you go inside the cool room ,  the wool absorbs moisture from the air and makes you warm.. The opposite reaction takes place when you go into the warm place ; the moisture from the room is released into the air and makes you cool.

These are the natural properties of wool fiber.. if we go deep lot of technical things about this fiber can be knowm

wool dress

Flexibility : The interior structure creates

The cortical cells have complex structure. The component within this cell is spring like structure . so it is flexible  and elasticity is high .

Additionally it has wrinkle resistance properties.

Wool clothing does not cling to skin like rayon or nylons and even cottons do. This allows for air circulation next to your skin and is part of the insulation properties and comfort of wearing wool


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