Ancient Egypt Costumes Jewelry and Clothing

Ancient Egypt Costumes Jewelry and Clothing –

Ancient Egyptians wont wore heavy clothes in the hot and sunny season of North Africain which ancient times was completely very humid.. Most of the clothing outfits were made from the material Linen; the reason was Linen is very cool and easy to wear.,

Normal people would like to wear simple clothes which are made from un-bleached linen, coarse material, while nobles were made from a fine, semi-transparent & white cloth known as royal linen.

Ancient Egypt,Costumes,Jewelry and Clothing

Clothing Styles

After a long period of time also basic styles of Egyptians clothes were remained unchanged. Women wore mostly simple tight-fitting, ankle-length dresses with double shoulder straps; whereas men’s used a kilt which is produced from a piece of linen material wrapped around the waist portion and tucked in…..

Kilts were been used up to knee or ankle length. In winter season, both women and men wore cloaks which are made from thick heavy linen. Kilts and tunics were usually reserved plain and simple. Even though, their outfits could be ornamented with beads and feathers, the Egyptian people relied their ornamental items like jewelry, makeup and hairstyle, accessories to generate a remarkable consequence.

At the period of the time of the New Kingdom, a several number of styles of dresses introduced inEgypt.

Cloaks and tunics were produced of very fine, pleated cloth which became highly fashionable for both men and women. Greater than their basic simple tunic women started to wear a pleated garment which at occasionally had a brightly colored fringe and little ornaments hanging from it…..

Some men wore a lengthy, approximately transparent kilt above their short tunic.

Colorful Collars

The very most extra ordinary thing of Egyptian jewelry was the extreme, decorative ornamental collar.,

These collars were used by both men and women of all standards. This was the important fact at that time of period. The collars consisted of a series of strings threaded with beads and ornaments but also with flowers, berries and leaves. A few of the collars found in the pharaoh included olive leaves and cornflowers.

Some of the fine collar belonged to an Egyptian princess. Those were decorated with golden hawks’ heads and inlaid with colored glass and semiprecious stones.


Ancient Egypt costumes was incomplete without a selection of jewelry and ornaments., If even low standard people uses jewelry to their classes, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Low class people’s ornaments were made from cheaper materials such as copper

No Ancient Egyptian costume was complete without a selection of jewelry. Even poorer people wore necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Poor people’s jewelry was made from cheaper substances such as copper, stones and glass.


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