Do you love purple color???  The most attractive color of this season is purple. Most of the young girls and boys love this purple and prefer this in their wardrobe. We too can see some girls who are crazy of it wearing purple from their hair clips to foot wear.

Of course I love purple. We can use this color in variety of combinations. Purple represents royalty and spirituality. purple color

It shows the rich look property of things which own it.

The purple has special almost sacred places in nature lavender, orchid etc. violet which is considered as precious among other colors.

Purple color in history:

It is the range of hue occurring between combination of red and blue.

In history this color is used by roman emperors and magistrates. It is also used in ancient art among many colors.

Meaning of purple:

Purple symbolizes magic, majesty, spirituality. It’s rare. In our pre historic existence our ancestors had never find purple color so it is considered as rare.

It consists of different shade variations.

Purple is the color of mourning and death in many cultures like u.k

purple color


It stimulates the imagination and inspires higher ideas.

Light purple are more romantic, feminine and delicate.

It can be striking color in combination in jewels

Psychology of purple:

If you love purple it means you are sensitive, caring and supportive of others. You usually inspire other with your creative thinking.

With the personality color purple you like to have best of everything and think to go high.

It encourages creative pursuits and seeks inspiration and originality from others.

Nature of purple:

The color inspires unconditional and selfless love. It is non spectral color.

The purple was one of the favorite colors of queen of Egypt CLEOPATRA.

Violet, indigo is similar colors of purple.

Light purple creates romantic mood and dark purple gives sadness.

I believe this information will be quite useful for purple lovers…

I love purple now after knowing these values. Do you????????????

purple color

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