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Laura Laine Fashion Illustrator was born on 1983 in Finland, a great marvelously brilliant young Scandinavian. Laura finished his studies on fashion design at University of Art and Design Helsinki with an interest mainly on fashion illustration. Laura’s latest patrons comprises Zara, The New York Times T magazine, Vogue Nippon, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Elle Girl, the Guardian, Telegraph, Rad Hourani, I.T Post magazine, Iben Hoej, Muse magazine, Wunder and Daniel Palillo.

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After finished her studies, Laura has been working permanently as a freelance illustrator and she also performs training for fashion illustration at the university. . She has also displayed in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Fanciful, good-humored and anxious are the expressions I know how to make use of relating Laura Laine’s fashion illustration works. Laura always loved to make drawings and felt comfortable designing costumes, during her studies; she made many exclusive fashion illustrations as a brilliant combination of love and interest I fashion. She did full-time job at the very beginning itself only because of her most interest in drawing.

Laura likes the work of Edward Gorey and Harry Clarke the most. At first she used to work out the sketches in black & white color but nowadays she likes to invent more colorful designs. She had so much amusing working with photographer Nicolas Clerc for Muse magazine. They shared and took photos on accessory stories for the girls with various images…..

The figures chosen by the creator Davina Lubelski were tremendously inspirational to employ among since they had these both passionate and unbelievable contours. Forever, Laura decided to make some of the appearances with star print transparent lace paneling (mainly the feminine look). She got the ideas on multi-variable surface textures and covering fabrics attractive and stirring to illustrate.

Laura’s wonderful nature exists in a vague mean world of fashion, illustration and art. This was the susceptibility and capture of runny movement that creates Laura to do her work so admirable and outstanding. Laura works without help of others but as well as works in partnership with photographers, stylists and art directors.

Laura works independently but also did her job in joint venture with photographers, stylists and art directors. In addition Laura’s perspective effort for Muse magazine or NY Times T-Magazine, presently to name two, that: Laura has an exciting catalog of patrons together with Escada, Hilfiger, Rad Hourani, Iben Høj and Zara.

We should recognize additional about the girl that might create feel so cheery not to bring up the way she run to convey ideas on these characters and their stunning elegant hair flowing to existence. Laura says on one interview that,

“Fashion is impressive I discover enormously inspiring and like to stay as an aspect of my work, but I have not at all be apologetic of giving up the genuine designing”

Laura’s Inspired on different things at different times, but more often the things related to fashion, style, and method of approaching fashion, journalism or art, painting, sculpture. Searching on magazines and roaming to Italy.

Laura’s drawing style is great and not so conscious about; she simply makes working in her illustration, painting what she feels like at the moment. Recently it’s been twisted-bodied girls with a depressed attitude.

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