You got to be a “workoholic” to be a “shopoholic”

You got to be a “workoholic” to be a “shopoholic” – Shopping ! Shopping ! Shopping!

Any girl can jump with joy after hearing these words… but errr… working can spoil the fun.

That’s not it.

Go by my mantra – If you want to be a shopoholic, you gotta be a workoholic!!

Nothing will be off limits and everything will be fabulous cause of those crispy papers.

You got to be a “workoholic” to be a “shopoholic” 1So I your butt off the whole week, and all the stress,  that fight with your boyfriend,  the bad hair day or just one of the days –shopping will lift you up .


Lil secret about working

Work makes people happy. I’m not saying this, I believe in this, according to a recent survey-:

  • Work actually helps us to develop and improve our social skills .
  • Builds up a strong identity
  • Helps to build up skills
  • And the most important of all, gets money in our pocket  and that money lets us buy that pretty lbd, those cute ballerinas,  to die for shoes , that danglers and … and…and  it gets that curve on our face that will make everything in life beautifully and fashionably straight.

Girls work on and shop on!


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