Ombre Lips Trend

Ombre Lips Trend –

he ombre lips is a really nice trend that appeared on the catwalks and i think will last. After the gradient on the nails, clothes, hair and other things now it is printed on the lips too!

In my opinion the gradient on the lips guarantees a funny, sexy and glamorous look. But if you will use a gradient lips make sure that your eyes are not very marked, prefer an eyeliner, soft shadows, browns, black, but not too much color and information, the high of your makeup must be the lips.

The ombre lips consist in having two colors that are monochromatic.

Ombre Lips Trend

Ombre Lips Trend

Example: If you want use a red lipstick then you can use an orange or dark brown. If you want use a pink then you can use a violet.

How do it step by step:

1 – To do It is a simple trick but It needs a little practice. To start delineate the lips with a lip pencil in a natural color.

2 – Start applying with a brush, the darkest color in all lips contour.

3 – Use a lighter shade to fill the center of the lips.

4 – Don’t forget to blend the colors in the middle of your lips to have the expect effect.

5 – If you want you can finish with a gloss just in the center or all of the lips.

You can use it in the day or night. To use it in the day you can use just a soft eyeliner. In the night you can use an eye shadow but remember not too much color and try to use something soft.

If you are not feeling too spontaneous yet because you’re not used to ombre lips you can start using your favorite red lipstick with a dark or lighter color, or you can try with a nude and very light pink.

Just use your imagination and make something that you really like and feels comfortable using it.

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