Fashionable Ancient Greece

Fashionable Ancient Greece: The basic dress for women was the chiton.


Chiton was made from a single piece of rectangular cloth, fastened at the shoulders and left opens at one side. A girdle was also tied at the waist to hold the chiton in place.

Ancient Greek

There were two main styles of chiton.

a.)            Doric Chiton: The Doric chiton was a sleeveless tunic

b.)            Lonic Chiton: The Ionic chiton had elbow-length sleeves, which were fastened at intervals across the shoulders. Over the chiton, women wore a himation. This was a rectangular wrap, which could vary in size and weight, from a light scarf to a warm traveling cloak.

In the humid temperature and dry climate of Greece, people did not require several clothes. So mat those climatic conditions, both men and women wore a simple tunic and additionally they were using a wrap for cooler weather.

Fashionable Ancient Greece includes mostly – Tunics and cloaks were held in place by pins or brooches, which could be plain or very elaborate. Usually people went barefoot, but sometimes they wore simple leather sandals.

Most Greek men wore a simple tunic sewn up at the side and fastened with a pin or brooch on one or both shoulders. Young men wore their tunics short, while older men and nobles had ankle-length robes.

Craftsmen, farmers, and slaves often wore a loincloth. Sometimes men wore a himation, which they wrapped around the body with one end thrown over one shoulder. This could be worn on its own or as a second garment over a tunic.

This detail from a Roman mosaic shows Alexander the Great dressed in the armor of a Macedonian general. Alexander wears a metal breastplate with wide shoulder straps, and a lightweight cloak fastened at the neck.  His breastplate has a decoration in the form of a head—possibly the god of war.

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