Equipments for Sketching perfect designs

Design Sketching

Materials Required for Sketching:

The level of materials and tools obtainable for designers, illustrators and art performers nowadays are very enormous. A little of the Equipments for Sketching needed are as follows:


Paper is the main thing which is to be noted while starting to illustrate a sketch / design. There are many various colors, textures and thickness properties while considered in selecting the type of papers.

Cartridge paper is one of the most fundamental and commonly used papers appropriate for drawing and for dry art work.

Layout paper is an excellent partially opaque paper which let you to observe an image slightly beneath it. This type of paper is fit for roughs, marker drawings and color analysis. Also Layout paper can be useful when we have to trace out some rough pictures from another.

Pastel paper has a grain in a row from side to side. Soft art things such as pastel and charcoal accept the grain mark and the artist can make use of this effect for textures in illustration.

Watercolor papers are supplied in numerous loads and textures. High-quality watercolor paper is being required to for perfect finishing.


Pencils are most needed and significant way of developing a work of art. Most works of art begins with pencil drawing only.

Lead pencils are presented moreover in the appearance of traditional wood-cased pencils or in a mechanical pop-up style. We can also pick a range of lead thickness for this type of pencil from 0.3 to 0.9. Pencil leads are made of graphite material and they are made in several status ranging from hard (H) to soft (B- here B stands for black). The hardest lead makes fine, light grey lines and the softest one produces broader and deep black lines.

Soft pencils are perfect for speedy sketch / drawing. But soft pencils are expensive line-and-tone drawings. Soft pencils are used to work particularly fine on textured papers only but extra care should be taken to be concerned when using them, because they blur easily.
Hard pencils are best suit artists with a positive confident, dirt free and exact style of drawing.

Graphite sticks are completely of condensed and bonded graphite. Graphite moves smoothly crosswise the page to create the most significant drawings. The water soluble adaptations make beautiful, shiny grey washes.

Colored pencils are made from a combination of pigment, clay and filler, bound mutually and soaked in wax before being enclosed in wood.

Wax Crayons produce attractive effects. Drawing with a wax crayon, then over painting with watercolor is an effective means of creating a textured finish on clothing in a fashion illustration.

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