Flaunt the Latest Collars in Fashion

A collar is a covering around the neck which gives a standing look to your clothing; collars have always been in fashion but have changed with the altering trend in fashion. Collars are mainstay of clothing, and since garments have come into existence, collars have been a part of them.

Earlier collars were supposed to be a part of make clothing like shirts, kurtas, etc. But with the evolution of fashion trends, collars have played importance in the clothing of both men and women. Collars have been the part of various types of clothing like shirts, t-shirts, kurtas, coats, and many more different kinds of clothes. Latest collars in fashion are many ranging from, Chinese collars, standing collars, usual collar, fallen collar, half standing collar, stock collar, Albany collar, bertha collar, Barrymore collar, butterfly collar, button down collar, clerical collar, convertible collar, false collar, wing tip collar, and the count is more wider than this.

Prominence of collars

Chinese collars have recently been so much in fashion that they have been part of men shirts, kurtas, and women kurtas, shirts, tunics, formals. These collars have been a part of both men and women clothing. These collars are usually worn by people who want to conceal their neck area, and on the other hand Chinese collars give you a sturdier look through which you get to stand aloud in the crowd. It is more preferable in formal wears, as it gives you a professional look.


Different collars and their use

Fallen collar necks which were usually used in women wears have now gained prominence in men’s wear as well. In various men clothing like t-shirts, kurtas, and etc, fallen collar necks gives a casual look to your dressing, and it is something which you can wear for parties too. Among the latest collars in fashion jewel collars have added a new sensual look to the dresses, and they have kind of added a sparkle to the dresses which minimizes the need of the jewelry and on the other hand it looks amazing on being worn at special occasion. Jewel collars are a part of embroidered collars and they have captured the market in larger numbers.


Apart from the various latest collar designs mentioned above, there is yet another kind of collar designed that has been in fashion throughout. This latest collar in fashion is the button collar that is usually found in wide variety of shirts and is also widely accepted as a collar wear for both men and women. Collars add a new and varied look to your personality and on the other hand it brings a powerful look to your dressing. On the other hand with the evolution of various designs in collars, where previously it was only taken to be more of a formal wear, has now been used in all kind of occasions and places. The various kinds of collars should be chosen according to your body type also, like for high neck, low neck, fat neck, slim neck, and many other such factors should be taken into consideration.

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