How Collars variety can change your personality?

Every shirt has a different collar style and people choose the appropriate style of collar which suits them. It is rightly said that do not judge a book by its cover but if you are talking about fashion then this proverb is not justified. You have to make yourself presentable by adopting latest fashion trends. The fashion style should be chosen in such a way that it suits you personality. Awareness about fashion trends may be very beneficial for as you can select dress according to latest fashion and can look best. Even we have to select the type of collar from the collars variety available in the market. While selecting the collar we have to make sure that it should go well with the neck.

collar styles
collar styles

Different styles of collars –

All the famous brands of shirt provide you ease of choosing best collar style from millions of style available. Collars variety is very essential as same collar style will not look good on everybody.

Few popular style of collars are listed below –

    1. Tall Spread Collar – This style of collar looks very classic in style. And it is a multipurpose collar type as it can be used casually or professionally. This type of collar is preferred under jacket as the height of the collar is extra. You can use different tie knots with this type of collar.
    1. Cutaway Collar – This type of collar fits with every type of dress. This collar goes with every pattern and can be made from every type of fabric. It can give you a different style and a new look.
    1. Point Collar – Point collar is the most traditional type of collar and you may find it very attractive. There are different types of point collar and different types of tie look very stylish on these collars.
    1. Button down collar – Button down collar is the next style of collar and it is very difficult to guess the right proportion of this collar. And hence you need to check the exact measurements of the collar.
    1. Club Collar – Club collar is a very innovative style and it looks very stylish under the jacket. The simple and classic style of this collar will certainly improve your personality. If you are fond of traditional shirts then you may choose this style.
    1. Deep cutaway collar – It is different from regular cutaway collar and it is very bolder in look. You can choose fuller tie knots with this type of shirt and can be preferred when you are in a casual mood.
  1. Semi spread collar – This type of collars are hit in bigger occasions where you have to display your sense of dressing. You can impress others with wide collars variety and can change your look by switching to different styles of collars. Collars can change the look of the shirt to a great extent and thus you should keep trying all the available styles of collars to enhance your dressing sense.

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