Designer’s Research Technique


Collage is a one of the Designer’s Research Technique. It is such a new focus with information collected from different sources. For example: photographs, magazine clippings, and printed pages from internet.

A well done collage will be useful to explore a variety of elements. Each one with their best and different qualities produce when they  combines a new group of possibilities.Designer collage

When designers work with images, they cannot be limit by the forms. Example the triangle on an ORIGAMI (if you see on this ancestral form, the triangles represents a very sophisticated way).

When they join the information on a sketchbook the same information takes different points of view. As a result it gives an inexhaustible source of information. It can be kept for future projects or investigations.Designer origami



It is the Designer’s Research Technique which on the sketchbook the different elements very different between them share similarities. For example muscular texture of human anatomy and a knitted fabric.


Deconstruction or disassemble the elements of the research is to look at the information from a new perspective. (similar to the above techniques). This technique may be to draw one aspect of an object, from one of its details, get to an abstract idea.

Also can mean breaking the information as if it were a puzzle to assemble after creating new lines, silhouettes and abstract forms with which to start working.

Dis-assembly is a process that is often part also work with existing garments. It is taken as an inspiration. It can transfer to their own design ideas.


Cross reference constitute a technique that forces them to seek visual references related or complementary. They groups into themes or concepts starting during the design process can be analyzed.

The reference could be for example in a case of the ORIGAMI the similitude with the flower of Loto.  

There you have paper and a flower, even have a similitude included they came from nature.

All this reference come from different sources. But placing them together, you can see how they relate to each other and offer new guidelines to the designer.


It is a principal process and ability to explore and refine. It represents an ideal way to collect information directly for primary research.

When designers use different types of techniques to draw, for example: pencils, ink and paint, it is possible to exploit the qualities and style. It may be of line, texture, tone and color that obtained from the sources of inspiration.

Draw in parts or completely an object or image found during the investigation helps to understand the shapes and forms contained therein.

This allows to translate these lines into a design or help to cut a pattern. The strokes and textures achieved with drawing also serve to transfer the tissue references in the designs.

Understanding and developing the skills of visual language is something that the designer will continue during the creative process of research, where the drawing is a part.Designer collage illustraions

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