download (3)Choosing clothes what to wear is a bit confusion among the girls/women as they have variety of clothes in their wardrobe;cherish with knee length dresses.For girls there is a huge collection of clothes, accessories, hand bags and footwear, etc in the market for every season whether its summer, winter, autumn or monsoon. It comes in different range with many designs and sizes.

Women have different clothes for every single occasion like for daily wear they have simple and elegant clothes which make their style statement with variety of cloths in front of their friends, colleague, neighbors and others.For parties they have glittery or shiny clothes which made up from shimmer, Saturn, linen, silk and many other which adds sparkle on their appearance.

Dresses can make one stylish and trendy and add spice in their life. In market varieties of clothes are available for sale for different types of girls like fatty, thin and the one who have slim curved body can wear dresses like jeans, shirts, gown, middies, jump suit, short skirt, long skirts, saree, salwar suit, etc according to their body types.variety of clothes

The right choice of dresses according to our complexion, height, body structure, etc can make us glamorous and beautiful. Like there are clothes for seasons we wear cold preventing warm clothes in winter and other season just like in summer we have  number of summer clothes. Mostly women prefer to wear shorts, skirts, sleeve less tops, t-shirts, jump suits, middies and knee length tunics, etc which is in fashion and give us cool and trendy appearance.

Knee length tunic is all time favorite of girls as its available from some past decades. It is easy to wear and add style in their dressing. Now days we have many design and variety of different color with prints, etc for tunic. Tunics are available very easily in the market, earlier tunics were available in just western style but now we have indo western stylish knee length tunics.


Tunic can be made very easily  if you are crazy about wearing tunic and you want collections of it just buy different kinds of clothes like cotton, linen, polyester, Saturn, etc. Color of threads and sewing machine while planning to stitch a knee length tunic you should search its designs and method on YouTube, magazines, etc for creating various types of designs.

stitching basic

stitching basic

Simply take a cloth from which fabric you are willing to stitch a knee length tunic and cut it into two pieces like A and B then take A part for front cut its neck in which style you want, arm hole finish and then take part B for its back part then after stitching both the part together, the hem and it’s both lower parts, you can make it more stylish by creativity like stick ribbon, lace, buttons, chuan on the back and bow in the front, you can also make side loops for wearing belt it would give your tunic extra attention.

Knee length tunic are very trendy girls can wear it in any occasion as well as their daily routine.                                                                                                                                                   



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