Varieties of chic

Varieties of chic:

Council house chic

“Council house chic” or chav chic might have sunk the house of Burberry referred to the fashions of working class “chavs” who shared Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s taste for Burberry check.

Cycle chic

Cycle chic to be well dressed and stylish in everyday clothes at the same time as cycling for ordinary journeys.

Eco Chic

Eco Chic means the use of eco-friendly textiles such as organic cotton, silk and hemp and also modernized clothing.

Goth chic

“Goth look” were the delayed 1970s punk band and the Banshees, American punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls formed in 2000 and Betty Curse illustrates by The Times in 2006 as the “princess of Goth pop”.

List of Chic

Hick chic

Hick chic was the theme of an article in Country Life in the year 2006 by Carla Carlisle, American-born wife of former British Member of Parliament, Sir Kenneth Carlisle. Lady Carlisle cited a friend’s description of the term: “it’s farmers’ markets, four-wheel drive cars, labradors, Harris Tweed, Shaker furniture, Emma Bridgewater [tableware] …”. “Hick” originates from “Old Hickory”, a nickname for Andrew Jackson, US President 1829-37, a frontiersman who like hickory wood and was known for his sturdiness.

High Street chic

Concerned to the sort of “everyday” sense of technique that might be patterned in any metropolitan or outmoded setting; mainly expected to be connected with prevailing “shop window” fashions. In 2004 the onlooker wrote of the singer Dido that “she drifts on stage dressed in high-street chic: faded denim and a tracksuit top, which she slips off to reveal a pink camisole vest”. Samantha Cameron, wife of British Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister David Cameron was described in 2006 as “spurn the designers … for high street chic”.

Hippie chic

Hippie chic is also known as Art-school chic and Talitha Getty chic.

Generally comparable to boho-chic, the Hippie chic was connected in the mid 1990s with Tom Ford’s collections for the Italian house of Gucci and indeed of various aspects of hippie fashions rematerialized occasionally after the “Summer of Love” of 1967 when hippie-dom and psychedelia were at their peak.

Art-school chic had approximately related implications. Talitha Getty chic was practically by Hedley Freeman in the Guardian to the hippie style associated in the late 1960s and since with the actress wife (who died on 1971) of John Paul Getty. Talitha Getty is supposed to have inspired Ford’s hippie-style creations.

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