Fashion Gets Edgier – Throw Print on Print for Eclectic Style Statement This Summer!!

Thanks to the latest fashion of mixed prints,dressing up is going to be a lot more fun and easier. Throw caution to fashion this season as you enjoy mixing print on print for an edgier look. 


This summer, its all about having fun with clothes. Print, floral, stripes, polka dots and plaids might take much of your closet but mixing them together may not be your style, instead you might wear just one print at a time. But this season Fashionistas have stepped out of their comfort zone and walked around, revealing the world of countless prints and patterns. Though one of the most standoffish trends to follow, mixed printcan look crazily high-fashion and make your wardrobe look more lively and vibrant.


Runway models exhibit this crazy mixed- matched trend with much ease and confidence and have made it a huge hit among the trend setters in the industry. Even the famous designers like Manish Arora, Urban Culture, Falguni and Shane have incorporated these mixed print trends in their Summer collection and astounded the fashion world with simple yet fun trends to wear. These mixed (not-so) matched prints have made a fashion statement and if pulled off properly, can make you look stylish, sexy and confident.

vibrant colors

Mixing print on print brings together the incorporation of different patterns, colors and themes with a sense of consistency. It is the trace of likeness – be it color, shape or theme, which brings these unlikely pairs together and makes you stand out of the crowd with grace and style. An easy way to mix prints is to start off with warm colors being paired together or combining a complimentary color scheme for your outfit.


Mixed prints for an elegant look can be more visually appealing than any other combination of outfit this summer. Using alternate prints like a chic, black printed jacket mixed with soothing white printed top can give you an elegant and sophisticated look for any occasion.


If you see yourself as an adventurous person and love to show it in your style and fashion, then bold prints are a must-have for your wardrobe. A completely contrasting pattern like a tropical print blazer matched with vertical striped dress can totally bring out your adventurous personality.


Show off your dramatic look with printed pants matched with a cardigan of similar tone but in different print or flaunt your fun and flirtatious attitude with a mishmash of prints thrown on a short dress with similar pattern footwear.


For a fashion forward trend setter, a printed top matched with a petite striking plaid skirt would do wonders. To show off your fashion style this season, you can also mix the not so mixing polka dots with floral prints and yet look very casual and trendy.


There is nothing more cozy and comfy than floral and stripes. When mixed together in colorful and neutral tones, gives you more of a girl next door look. Flaunt this style with a dainty floral print skirt and a nautical striped top.


The ever-present animal print mixes itself with another animal print this season. You must have worn a leapord print shirt with a denim jeans but have you ever considered wearing an animal print on an animal print? Without any fashion caution, dress yourself up in the realistic print matched with a more astute graphic representation.


Mixed prints this summer epitomize the daring, bold look along with a little bit of wackiness added to your outfit.  With a few simple tips like the following, will help you discover the print on print trend this summer.

  • Mixed prints should have consistency in the pairing that you want to make.
  • Mixing prints don’t mean that you can wear unfitted, loose clothes.
  • Using classic neutral prints with crazy prints would do wonders to your outfit.
  • With so much print on print action, going light on accessories is the trick to make your outfit look more stylish and chic.
  • Always experiment different looks as mixed print is something that goes with anything.

Some of the best mixed print styles give an inclination that you can try out all your favorite printed clothes in your closet and throw caution to the winds by giving a visually dazzling and unified look of print on print.

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