Seven Black Basics One Should Have In Their Closet!!

Every Fashionista understands the power of black in her closet. With versatility in its demeanor, a black outfit is appropriate for every occasion. Taking you from a corporate look, lunch with friends to a romantic date in the evening, a black outfit is the perfect go-to essential piece of clothing in one’s wardrobe.

little-black-dress-collageIt happens to the best of us! An important event comes up and we find ourselves with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. This is a fashion conundrum that every fashion conscious woman goes through. How many times has it happened that you walk into your closet and have the closet trauma? With a million questions swimming in our minds- What to wear? Is this too dressy for the event? What if I am under dressed? Is it appropriate for the office?- and many others, What is that one thing that can help us save face in such desperate situations? Of course! The black sophisticated pieces in our wardrobe.

With a little bit of creativity you can transform your look in minutes and no matter which part of the world you live in, these basic black pieces can help you look your appropriate best as the Fashionista you are:-


#1. Black item no. 1: – The Pencil Skirt…

Black outfit no. 1 is the pencil skirt. No matter where you are, no matter what event you are going to, whether it is a baby shower, the office, a wedding or a date, a black pencil skirt always looks feminine. These skirts are sophisticated and sexy. Make sure they end right below your knee.

Pair these black pencil skirts with one of the trends of this season- a sheer blouse in white and add a pop of color with vibrant heels.


#2. Black item no.2: – The High-Waisted Slacks…

The second must-have black item that everyone should have in their closet is the high- waisted slacks. These pieces elongate the legs and cinch in the waist. they look great as casuals with a tank top, for an androgynous look with a buttoned shirt or dressed up with a jacket at the office

Pair it with another must have for the summer which is a printed, cropped boxy jacket and add color with a vintage bead necklace.


#3. Black Outfit no.3: – Black Skinny Jeans…

Every Fashionista will agree that the Black Skinny Jeans is our favorite pair of jeans. Versatile in character, it is perfect for a date night, girl’s night out or anytime you wanna feel a little bit dressier, a little bit edgier, a little bit sexier than with a regular pair of jeans.

Pair it with another summer favorite- a white shirt, maybe with a little detail like fringed neckline. Yah! fringe is not going anywhere. So, if you bought it, check your closet, pull it out, it’s here to stay.


#4. Black Outfit no. 4: – Black Lace Cardigan…

Item no. 4 might sound a little bit boring but it is definitely a must-have especially if you travel. These things have saved me a million times. The lace texture gives your otherwise normal outfit a dressier look without making any extra effort. Since it’s black, it’ll go with every color and the see-through lace fabric will make you look sultry instead of looking like an old maid who wears a cardigan.

Pair it with a short swirly dress- a summer favorite or with jeans and a dressy top with lace or mesh details on the edges ( another upcoming trend).


#5. Black OUtfit no.5: – Black Leggings: –

No. 5 is as basic as you can get and Oh! so important that they had to make the list- The BLack Leggings. Girls, what would we do without these things? They are perfect all year round. Available in different fabrics, you can stock up on woolen ones for the winter, cotton ones for spring and the peek-a-boo lacy ones for the summer.

Pair the Pee-a-boo lacey black leggings with a dressy tunic for the summer.


#6. Black Outfit no.6: – Black Blazer: –

Almost done! The sixth item on the list is the quintessential Black Blazer. I love a great black blazer. This is a go-to outfit for every woman when she doesn’t have the time to be creative. there are several types of black blazers available. one season the boyfriend blazer may be in or the cropped blazer or the Tuxedo. But, if you are gonna have one black blazer in your closet, make sure it fits you well, has a great lapel and ends right where it should… on your hip.

Pair it with your favorite white V neck and take the corporate look out of the office.


#7. Black Outfit no.7: – The Little Black Dress( LBD ): –

Yep, I saved the best for the last, the Little Black Dress, or as we girls call it, the LBD, is the most important black item you can have in your wardrobe. It’s that thing that we go to when we want to feel sophisticated, sexy and stylish. There are a lot of varieties in the LBD, with the side-shoulder, embellishments etc., but trending this summer is the lace and so is the side panel. So, if you don’t have a great LBD in your wardrobe, put that at the top of your shopping list today!

What’s your basic black go to? Or is there an item you need to invest in and add to your wardrobe? Lemme know what’s your trending favorite this summer here in the comments column.

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