Be a style Monger without adding expenses to your pocket

Be a follower to the fashion icon, who is believed to be the trend setter, style enthusiast and bring the best out of you


As we all know Sonam kapoor is a fashion modernizer, she has been continuously found flaunting with her look, and with every another appearance she sets a new style platform for her fans and for all her viewers. Sonam kapoor is bold when it comes to fashion, and experimentation is Sonam’s forte where with every appearance she pleasantly surprises the world. She has been considered as the fashion dive and the fashion world considers her to be the fashion icon. She has a bold fashion look, and she experiments with trends making style a production by her.images (4)

 Whether be it dresses or accessories, everything what you wear must be suited to the occasion for which you are dressing up, this is Sonam’s style, as she brings fashion as according to the occasion which is the most important factor concerned with rightful dressing. Your accessories should compliment your dress and should not overpower it, similarly your dress should notdownload (1) overpower your accessories, and that is, they should be complimenting each other. The way you dress reflects your personality and you should dress yourself as according to your comfort zone, you should never to out of the box to bring an extra spark as if you would not be comfortable in your dress, your fashion would turn bizarre.

As according to Sonam Kapoor’s style is being comfortable in your clothes and you should flaunt with your look up to the limit where you feel comfortable and not beyond it. And most importantly dress yourself suiting the occasion so that you don’t look weird. Bring style in your dressing and be the eye candy wherever you go, the best would be to follow a designer to get yourself dressed suiting your desire and the occasion for which you are dressing up.

Your makeup plays an important role in presenting yourself according as you desire, and the spark of your attire gets highlighted when you grace it with the proper makeup. Sonam kapoor puts makeup that compliments her dress and also the occasion, similarly you should put makeup as according to the occasion for which you are dressing up and your makeup should be according to your dress, that is, it should suit your dressing and should be such that it highlights your attire as well as your features.images (5)

Follow the style icon and be a trend setter yourself so that you get attention and you get confidence in your dressing binging yourself the required style and spunk. Fashion is what you feel comfortable in, is what Sonam Kapoor believes, so if you are her follower follow her rule of fashion which says to be comfortable in whatever you wear. Get the desired look, and explore with your look so that you could know about the various options that you could include in your dressing.

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