Sensitive to UV rays? Grab summer fashion aviators

The obsession for archetypal aviators is mounting incalculably among both the genders to protect eyes and get into style summer fashion 2014.


The silhouette of our face should be kept in mind when going to buy a nice and cool pair of sunglasses this fashion summer. Many styles like wayfarers, aviators, d-shaped, vintage round shaped sunglasses are there in the market today in vast collection.images (1)

The aviator sunglasses came into being in the early years around 1930’s and 40’s.  These glasses are very versatile and can be worn anytime and anywhere with amazing neon color dresses. Aviators have a teardrop shape which fits the up-face area, providing us the protection from glittery sunbeams and bright lights and also, goes along with the current trend.  As sunglasses like aviators, they never go out of fashion as a famous designer Roberto Cavalli once said, “What goes around comes back around!”

From casual spring wear to cool summers, trendy colorful mirrored aviators are in fashion. Contrasting colored metal frames give an iconic young appeal if worn with bright colored clothes.  Brands like Linda Farrow, Carerra, Ray-Ban are the leading brands and the manufacturers of aviator sunglasses. Sunglasses are midst of fashion accessories which have become the industry standard style statement that changes almost every year.

 These fashion aviators play a vital role in protecting you from UV-rays and also giving you an edgy smart intellect look. Aviators are now in, they are available in different tints and shades and colors. Also, for kids, brands come up with a new small aviator sunglasses called Junior Aviators, which are made of thin metal frames and plastic scratch-proof lenses, to improvise maximum visibility for kids and yet being very light in weight.

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Lenses are available in different types, for variety of purposes like gradient, photo-chromatic, mirrored and Polaroid. Finding a good and suitable pair sunglasses from a variety of them can be a hell of a task. These days, one can easily purchase them online by simply accessing a website nowadays. In summers, sunglasses are used due to the scorching daylight sun as the sun is too harsh consisting of harmful UV-rays. Aviators are very light in weight, the nose-pads are comfortable and the vision of the branded sunglasses is crystal clear. Depending upon what type of face we have, we get to choose the sunglasses accordingly like D-shaped, round, foundation up triangle, oval and oblong. Also, some companies offer prescription lenses which can be easily attached to the selected frame with a UV-coating on them.


Ideally, the sunglasses should cover the side cheek area next to the eye and prevent any stray light coming or rather entering from the sides and below. Avoid small sunglasses. If you are distracted by the stray lights on the road, street lights, car headlights while driving or even during beach-walking, look for Polaroid sunglasses and make sure those lenses at least offer 95-98% UV-protection. Lastly, give your eyes a protective season and go buy a nice pair of aviators as these sunglasses adds a chic, glam and a graceful look to your wardrobe.

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