Dothi Salwar / Cowl Pant Sewing Tutorial

Dothi Salwar / Cowl pant with multiple folds that falls gracefully at the side of legs. Dothi Salwar looks so trendy as well as too comfortable. It is usually worn with short top or Kameez.

Measurements: (Take your own measurements)

Salwar Length  :

Hip                         :

Waist to hip       :

Ankle Round     :

Dothi Salwar / Cowl pant Material Suggested:

Light weight soft fabrics

Material Required:

2 Mtrs

Waist Band Pattern Construction:

Dothi Waist Band draft

(0-1) & (2-3) = Waist to hip + 2”

(0-2) & (1-3) = ½ hip + 2”

Bodies Cutting Construction:

 Click HERE to know the folding methods of Dothi salwar

Dothi salwar Draft

(0-4) = (Salwar Length – Waist Band Length)

(0-2) = approximately 6” (The maximum we can take 9”) or (1/3hip + 1”) – Waist Band length

(0-0’) = 1” inside

Shape (0’-2) Crotch Curve

(3-3’) & (3-3’’) = 1”                        Join (3’-3”)

(4-1) = Leg opening (½ ankle round)

First mark and cut out the waist band pieces. Now fold the fabric lengthwise and then fold again diagonally… Now mark the measurements on the fabric or place the Paper draft of Dothi salwar leg pieces.

Cutting line:

3’’-3’ & 0’-2

Waist Band Sewing Instructions:

Cowl pant Waist Band Stitching

  1. Take 2 pieces of Waist Band and place it by facing right sides together. Leave 1” as unstitched gape at any one side seam (for inserting tie cord or elastic) as shown in the above picture. Sew along each side seams by ¼“. Press your seams open.
  2. Fold ¼” inside on the top of Waist Band and press. Then again fold 1” inside and sew along the end at first folding (1” below the top of Waist band)

Dothi Salwar Sewing Instructions:

Body rise join1.Join Crotch lines by facing right sides together and sew along ¼” away from edge.

Pant Leg Part Join2.Press the crotch seams open. Place the leg pieces by facing right sides together and sew along the leg side seams ¼” away from edge.

Dothi Salwar bottom Finish

3.Fold ¼” inside the bottom of each leg parts and again double fold ¼” inside and sew along the folded portion.

Dhoti salwar Pant Pleats Making

4. Make Pleats at the top edge of each leg parts to fix the length to the Waist Band.
5. Insert the gathered part to the Waist band by facing right sides together.
6. Sew along ¼” away from edge (adjust with pleats if need) to attach leg part to the Waist band. Turn right side out and Press.

Insert Tie Rope on Dhoti salwar

7. Insert Tie rope through the gape we provide at the top of waist band.

Now the DOTHI SALWAR / COWL PANT is ready to wear…

11 thoughts on “Dothi Salwar / Cowl Pant Sewing Tutorial

  1. Hai. Super infos here. Im a full time housewife who loves to sew. My both gurls loves to wear chudis. Im learning to sew these salwars. Just a question, do we have to fold pleats at both sides(front n back) for dothy salwars. Tq.

    1. Thanks for the feedback … we need to sew both sides of the folds. they are give the effect of curved pleates to dhothi salwar. Happy sewing..

  2. Hi keerthi ,
    Thx for the sharing of construction details of cowl pant 🙂
    Can u pls share the drafting and construction method for panel and umbrella plazzo pants .
    Thx in advance
    Hav a nice day

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