Panel Anarkali Cutting – Sewing

Here we are going to learn how to make  Panel Anarkali Cutting form Basic Kameez drafAnarkali with straignt Panelst. First we should know about the basic Kameez draft.

This type of Anarkali has panels of its full length. The number of panels may vary… but that panel lines give enormous look to Anarkali. These types of Anarkali outlines are same as A line Anarkali. This is usually having fit body upto waist line or low waist line from shoulder and the remaining till hemline having flare look with panels.

Click HERE to see Kameez draft construction method & sleeve.


Shoulder to under bust length-

High waist (Measure around under bust)-

Material Required:

2 to 3 Mtrs

Material Suggested:

Thin fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, net, tissue & cotton with suitable lining.

Construction: Front & Back

If u wants to make high waist line Anarkali add this following construction points to the basic Kameez draft.

(0-10’)             = Shoulder to under bust length

(10’-11’) = ½ high waist

Then Join 11’-4’ side seam line.

anarkali with straight panel cutting

Instruction for A-line draft & Flare type draft:

  • Mark the centre points of (1-4) & (12-13) and draw line to join that points.

Cut the line and slash as like as the draft 1. Now you have A-line draft.

  • Draw a straight upward line form the mid point of (12-13) to meet the line (10-11) in A-line draft.

Cut the line and slash to have a flare draft. Refer draft 1 image.

Cutting line:

Front: 9-7-6-x’-3-11-13-4’-1                     (9-1) on fold

Back: 8-7-6-x-3-11-13-4’-1                       (8-1) on fold

Cut 8-8’ on fold for back neck slit opening


  • Neck slit opening need only at the circumference of head is lesser than neck circumference.

  • If it is high waist Anarkali use point 11’ instead of 11 in Cutting line instruction.]

anarkali drafting method

  • We are not yet finish the draft work… open the fold of front & back draft and mark 8 divided equal points at chest line, waist line, Hip line and Hem line.
  • Join the darts vertically (Refer Draft 2 image) and then make the line little curve to give a nice look.
  • Cut along these lines to separate each 8 pieces of front & back part. Then place these pieces to cut the fabric with ¼” seam allowance.

Seam Allowance:

¼” on neck line, armhole and back neck slit open

1” on side seams

1½” on hemlines

Sewing Instruction:

  • Now we should have 16 pieces of Front & back part Anarkali, 2 sleeve and lining.
  • Lining can be cut by using draft 1.
  • First we have to join these separated pieces together by sewing. When we make the complete front & back parts then the other sewing instructions are same as Kameez.

Click HERE to refer Kameez sewing instruction.

I hope these tutorials are useful for you… convey your view about these tutorials here in comment box… Thanks for your support. Happy Sewing… J

18 thoughts on “Panel Anarkali Cutting – Sewing

  1. Thanks a lot Keerthi I have been searching for easy and accurate way to make anarkali dress and your method is really good
    When I made the slit for airline style a fold is created at the hip partwhen I stretch stretch slightly to form the triangle as in the draft
    Kindly Let me know where I made a mistake
    Thanks again

  2. I need to know once the slit is created how to draw panels with the slit as in the draft 2 it shows just a straight airline dress
    Do you mean after slashing the slit out we make another paper cutting with the new shape formed and then draw the panels?

  3. Hi Keerthi,
    Excellent site to learn. Excellent presentation and easy to follow techniques.
    I agree with using the scraps fro making small items. I make quilts and I am crazy keeping even small pieces , finally now I dont keep anything that is less than 2.5×2.5 ” size . Made lots of scrap quilts, applique’ etc.
    Please post more .
    Keep up the good work .

    1. Hi.. Geetha kannan.. thanks for your words…I’m very happy to read about your work… keep sewing…?

  4. hello mam
    I want to shrew umbrella cut suite but im not to cLear how to move and cut please suggest me how i can do accutaly i m new in this filed pls do somethingfor me

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