The Print Patterns could be by their own possibility bring by the use of rapports and effects over the fabrics where they are used produce a big much more impact done over the best cut could be done by dressmaker. So designers start using much more the prints on the fabrics to create different effects using not only the fabrics cutter in the best way but also used both to create brighter garments by designers and dressmakers creations.

More over the prints also could represents a simulation over the fabric that is done, doing the effect of for example stitching fabric that represents the original cut the fabric is done by simple lines, cuts are simulated through the prints, stitching, buttons, different designs of collars, pockets, etc. Creating an effect where there is not cut the original fabric.

That effect could be done using a print patterns that is applied on the fabrics.

different type of print patterns

Relationships between different kinds of prints are now a days the most impacted change of concept as was a decade before.


The designers use prints for men garments also using the pink color as well as printed flowers as in the Renaissance.

Silk, cotton, velvet with religious images are mixed with diplomatic stripes, hearts, animal prints.

Stamped with mirror effect spread over the garment, making the buttons and stitching back as the axis for stamping male garment.

Those flowers of the Renaissance are used on vest, jackets, shirts, smoking, etc.


The comics icons say present at the street. “STREET STYLE” prints go from Betty Boop sex icon of the ’30 throws the comics as Tom and Jerry classics scenes.

The lingerie has also taken those comic icons to do simpatic style at the garment and accessories as shoes also have.

They call Art Pop at the garments that show the icons of the child world as Piolín, Silvester, and those icons also have place to use at nails!! “Art Nail” is called.


Prints that involved all the fabric. With big size images are one of the most important types of print now a day.

Also the moisture of kinds of patterns in the garments changes the concept that we have some decades ago. Sure that will be as a classic as others style in the past.

Use animal print also is and it will continue as a classic too.

We do not be surprised that animal print mixed with lines, flowers, hearts, geometrical shapes, ethnics, etc.

Patterns begin to be used as an artist on the fabrics. Using paintings tools, support on digital software help. So the possibilities have no limit, more over the artist could use all around this magnificent world of PRINTED FABRICS.

Good luck for the artist that brings the future fabrics unlimited!!!!

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