Vector Design – Vector Art Illustration

Vector Art Illustration: 

Vector Art

Vector Art Illustration is applied by means of geometrical primitives such as lines, curves, points, shapes like polygon, triangle, etc., which are commonly based on mathematical expressions to symbolize objects in computer graphics…..

Vector in the name itself we can identify that it involves more than a straight line.

Vector designs and Vector Art Illustration arebased on images made up of vectors which can also be called as paths, strokes. Those paths and strokes guide through positions called control points. All these control points has a specific position on the X and Y axis of the sketch.

As well as Vector designs are not always suitable in graphics work.

Vector Art is perfect for printing works. In view of the fact that the art is prepared from a progression of mathematical curves it will print very crisply even when the size is modified.

For in such case, one can print a vector logo on an undersized piece of sheet of paper and then the same vector logo can be enlarged in size, exactly to poster size and keep the same weak quality.

A low-resolution graphic would haze or pixilated extremely if the design was enlarged from business card size to billboard size. Because the particular resolution of a graphic needed for high-quality outcome depends on the viewing distance.

Raster Graphics:

In computer graphics, a raster graphics illustration or bitmap is a dot matrix figures structure representing a commonly rectangular work of pixels or points of color viewable by means of a monitor, paper, or any other display medium.

Raster images are stored in picture files with changeable formats…..

The printing and prepress manufacturing identify raster graphics as “continuous tones” and refer to vector graphics as “line work”.

Raster-based vector editors such as Painter, Photoshop, MS Paint, and GIMP rotate around editing pixels…..

And some other different vector-based image editors such as Corel Draw,  Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape which rotate around editing lines and shapes of the vectors.

Vector illustration is a well-liked performance of various photographic Illustrators worldwide.

Catalina Estrada, Petra Stefankova, Nathan Jurevicius, J.Otto Seibold, Matthew Inman – are the greatestinternationally mush admired artists in the Fashion Graphics, Illustration and Photography field.

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