Types of Anarkali Patterns

Anarkali suits are one of the most popular Indian dresses.  Anarkali Suits… the most stylish and most wear outfit in India. This representative Indian wear is famous because of its easy to wear nature and a fine designs and creativity. It can be worn on various occasions like marriage functions, parties and work places. They are usually worn with gathering pants or churidhars. Churidar of Anarkali is made from the comfortable fabrics like cotton, Lycra etc. There are different patterns of Anarkali depending on engrave and design. Usually stitched with thin materials like georgettes, silks, chiffons, tissues etc they look elegant and stunning. For stitching an Anarkali top, we need two fabrics, a main fabric and a lining fabric. The lining fabric should be the same colour as the main fabric.

Here I’m going to explain about 5 types of Anarkali & take the pleasure to make things easier by giving suitable guidance to select the right kind of Anarkali top for different occasion. Designer Anarkali has innovated a new epoch in the fashion industry creating passion among people from all tread of life. I recommend selecting Anarkali according to your body type. Generally there are five categories of body type, which hourglass, apple or oval, rectangle, inverted triangle and pear.

1.Circular Anarkali:

Circular Anarkali designing

This type of Anarkali suit has a full flare umbrella cut pattern and therefore has a nice appearance. Circular Anarkali made with two parts, which is bodice and circular skirt. It can be worn with gathering Salwar and leggings. This Anarkali suit is usually stitched with thin fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, silk & cotton with proper lining. This is usually having tight of fit bodice and a flare skirt starts from waist line or high waist line as per your wish.

2.Anarkali with Straight Panels:

Anarkali with straignt Panels

This type of Anarkali has straight panels of its full length. The number of panels may vary… but that panel lines give great look for Anarkali. These types of Anarkali outlines are same as A line Anarkali. This is usually having fit body upto waist line or low waist line from shoulder and the remaining till hemline having flare look with panels. This Anarkali suit stitched with thin fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, net, tissue & cotton with suitable lining.

3.Half Panel Anarkali:

Half / cut Panel Anarkali

Half panel Anarkali is mixed pattern of Circular Anarkali’s bodice part and Panel Anarkali’s skirt part. Here I add that the bodice with princess seam. These types of Anarkali top having fit bodice and flare skirt part with panels. This Anarkali suit stitched with thin fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, net, tissue & cotton with proper lining.

4. Anarkali with Horizontal panel or Tiered skirt part:

Anarkali with Horizontal panel design                                                 

Horizontal panel Anarkali is also having 2 parts, which bodice and tiered skirt.  This type of Anarkali made with Horizontal panels of associated blend colors & patterns. Usually 3 to 5 tires used to make this Horizontal panel Anarkali. To enhance it looks should attach lace at the tiere joints. This Anarkali suit stitched with thin fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, net, tissue & cotton with suitable lining.

Layered Anarkali:

Layered Anarkali sketch

This type of Anarkali suit usually having 2 layers. Layers with different length, which are stitched as skirt part. The layers can be of the same color with hemline borders or of different but related colours. Layered Anarkali gives elegant look for women who wear it. This Anarkali suit stitched with thin fabrics like chiffon, Georgette, net & tissue with suitable lining.

 Next we are going to give a look for our body shape and which Anarkali that suits to our body shape… but in our next article, because of insufficient space…

Click HERE to know about body shapes.


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