Types of sleeves

Sleeve varieties

Fashion Types of sleeves, Images and description:

Angel sleeve:A long extensive sleeve which typically hangs loose from the shoulder portion.

Batwing sleeve:Batwing sleeve is a type of long sleeve with a deep armhole and tightening towards the wrist. Also known as a “magyar” sleeve.

Bell sleeve:Bell sleeve is also a long sleeve fitted from the shoulder to the elbow part and quietly flared from elbow onward.

Bishop sleeve:Bishop Sleeve is a large sleeve which is fuller at the bottom than the top and gathered at the cuff portion.

Butterfly sleeve: Butterfly sleeves are originated on Filipiniana; it is the national costume for women of the Philippines and the dresses or formal blouses that begin at the shoulder and get wider towards the hem line of the sleeve but typically it won’t go more than 4–5 inches.

The variation between butterfly sleeve and Bell sleeve is, that butterfly sleeves frequently won’t go entirely around the full arm but whereas bell sleeve is full sleeve mode.

Cap sleeve: Cap sleeves are very short in length and it is covering only the shoulder part and not enlarging under armpit level.

Dolman sleeve: Dolman sleeves are a type of a lengthy sleeve which is extremely broad at the top and slight at the wrist area.

Gigot sleeve or leg o’mutton sleeve: Leg o’mutton sleeve is also called as Gigot sleeves. This type of sleeve is extremely wide over the upper arm and slim from the elbow to the wrist.

Fitted point sleeve: A sleeve that is long and narrow and it ends in a spot hidden against the back of the hand.

Hanging sleeve: A sleeve that opens down the side or front, or at the elbow; the reason is to allow the arm to pass through…..

This sleeve technique was used in the period of 14th, 15th and 16th centuries.

Kimono sleeve: Kimono sleeves slash in one with the clothing in a wide sloping shape which is related to that on traditional kimono.

Paned sleeve: Paned sleeves are applied in the centuries of 16 and 17. Kimono sleeves are finished in panels that permitting a facing or shirt-sleeve to visible through.

Puffed or puff sleeve: Puffed sleeves are short, which has approximately ¾ length or full sleeve that is gathered at the top and bottom; currently the largest part of this type sleeves can often seen on wedding occasion and children’s clothing.

Raglan sleeve: Raglan sleeves enlarged up to the neckline  portion.

Set-in sleeve:   Set-In-Sleeves are sewn into an armhole.

Two-piece sleeve:   A sleeve that cut in two pieces – inner and outer, to allow the sleeve to take a fine “L” shape to hold and provide the natural curve at the elbow without crinkles or creases; this method mostly applied in tailored garments.

Virago sleeve: A full “paned” sleeve which is gathered into two puffs by a ribbon or fabric band above the elbow; it was mostly worn in the period of 1620s and 1630s.


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    Please, help me out. I am looking for a type of sleeve that is long and comes all the way down to the hand, where it forms a “V” shape, with the bottom of the “V” pointed at the middle finger. I want this for my wedding dress but I don’t know what it’s called. Do you happen to know?

    • SELVA KUMAR says:

      I think that the style of Sleeve that you describe is a variation of a Vintage Sleeve Style called a ‘Leg of Mutton’ sleeve where the Sleeve Head is cut wide and high so that it is ‘Ruffled’ or ‘Puffed’ into the armhole and the sleeve tapers to the Cuff where the cuff is made into a point over the middle finger. The style is occasionally used on Wedding Dresses in the UK.

      I hope that the attached link works to give you an example of what I mean.


      • Pallie says:

        You are right about the leg-o-mutton sleeve. This was also a popular style during Victorian times on a rather tight straight sleeve. It had a small thread or fabric loop that actually fit over the finger to keep the sleeve down and in place. This was done during part of this time as it was considered not-nice for a woman to show her skin in public.

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